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With the Nagflar Beacon in their hands, Loki set out to hide it and then find Sera. He condemned the bird to a lifetime as Ikol (Loki backwards), his minion and opposite. Angered, Bor attacked Dani. At the same time, Loki yelled for Thor not to give up either and the hammer started glowing and blasted off into the sky. [citation needed], While Loki and Ikol hid from the beast, Thori offered to trick his father by taking one of Loki's gloves at the risk of his own life. Posted by 5 months ago [MCU] How Kid Loki will be introduced into the MCU (not a transformation) Marvel. [33], After they had accomplished what they needed to do, Loki dismissed the spell that allowed Kid Loki to exist again, causing him to fade away before Angela.[32]. Though, that’s pure speculation for now. Thor threatened Wilson in case the Nine Realms fell, but Loki stopped him, saying that he was to blame too. After cursing Loki, Bor angrily complied and the Dísir were turned back into normal. While nothing like this has been seen thus far in the MCU, it's possible that Kid Loki could be featured in the Disney+ series, as time travel has been rumored to play a big factor in its narrative. Once Loki's name had been redeemed by Kid Loki, the echo orchestrated events so that in order to be a hero, Kid Loki would have no choice but to give himself up to the elder Loki.Essentially, Loki effectively kills the best and brightest version of himself, taking his place with his original dark and corrupted tendencies. Leah opened a portal and followed the boy while he asked Brün if she can devour him, but the Dísir refused because he had ended their curse. ... Whoever Jack is playing, I hope he has great fun filming and enjoys every minute of being part of the MCU. After witnessing a horrible battle against the mechanical cities, Loki decides to search for a smarter way to win the war and avoid more deaths. The boy also told Thor about his dreams in which he had done horrible things and tearfully asked him why. While Thor thanks Dani and the New Mutants, Volstagg playfully grabs Loki and ruffles his hair, telling him that they owe him their thanks as well, even if it pains him to say so. Furious, Bor cursed the Dísir into becoming cannibal monsters for all eternity until they either killed Sigurd or married him. While in Leah's cave, Loki told Thor everything he had done since the war against the Serpent to his alliance with the Manchester Gods. His Asgardian clothing consists of a green tunic with his golden symbol in his chest, black gloves, black trousers, and black boots. According to an interview with Kieron Gillen, Loki fears growing up, specifically, he fears growing up to become the man he once was. The MCU’s Kid Loki could be a fun character, then, provided they find a talented young actor to bring him to life. As the Mutants went to fight the zombies, the boy was left with a shocked Sigurd and yelled at the Mutants not to leave him alone with him. He appears to be sassy, cunning, very mischievous, cheerful, and truly childish. She ordered them that their first task would be to take Bor back to Hel, where she would deal with him later, much to his exasperation. Surtur tries to kill Loki, but Leah saves him. King In Black: Who Would Win Between Knull and Galactus? When the World Tree suddenly starts to burn, Thor and Loki go to investigate. Though Thor tried to understand what was wrong, Loki telling his brother to promise to kill him if he turned evil since they both knew how his story would end. He's the reason the Avengers were first assembled after all, bringing threats and dangers to Earth that mankind had never seen before on a global scale. After talking to Master Wilson and explaining how they were all played and used by Surtur, Wilson decides to sacrifice himself and the Manchester Gods, paying his debt to Loki. When Loki asked him why he didn't say anything before, Ikol simply answered that he is evil and that Loki should not have expected any less. He became interested in cell phones (he bought a Stark Phone, which he often uses to take pictures) and the Internet, learning about memes and downloading movies. Troubled by Wilson's words, Loki ends up agreeing with his point of view and tells Leah they are fighting on the wrong side. His death was far from permanent. After Helen and Leigh left the house, Luke ran from home, pretending to be on a "quest." Before the Siege of Asgard Loki had manipulated Hela into taking his name out of the Book of Hel, allowing himself to be reborn instead of truly dying. Xứ Asgard / MCU / URU / ODIN / Vũ Trụ Điện Ảnh Marvel / HELA / Thần thánh / LOKI / THOR / Thần thoại / Khổng Lồ Băng / MJOLNIR / Kid Loki / Diablo … Loki explains to her that he could have saved the Nine Realms first, but then he wouldn't be able to help her and he couldn't leave her. The spirit revealed that his death and rebirth were part of an elaborate plan set down by Loki himself before his death. In response, the Crone told them it was too late for him, for Thor and for Asgard as Karnilla left the Crone's body through her mouth, horrifying the boy as Radd protectively told Loki to stay behind him. Loki turns the echo of his elder self into Ikol. X-Men: The Future Iceman's Ultimate Form is A Wizard-Hulk, The Hulk's Power Is Controlled By The Moon, Not Rage, Loki Had His Own Avengers Team in Marvel Comics. After luring the Dísir to Helen and Leigh's house, he placed both himself and Leigh before the handmaidens, triggering Helen's defenses and causing the two to revert to Hela and Leah. [9], When Loki finally faces Ikol, he asked what would happen when he took over.

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